Good for you, good for them, good for the planet.

Mongolia has one of the most hostile climates on Earth. Yearly temperatures swing from as low as -55°C to above 40°C.

To withstand these extremes, native yaks and camels create the highest performing and most sustainable natural fibres on the planet.

We turn these fibres into ethically sourced activewear.


We then donate 15% of our profits back to local humanitarian and environmental charities.

good for you


Yak and camel wool are smoother and softer than Merino, evaporate moisture more efficiently, keep you warmer, and are more breathable. They are the ultimate high-performance fabrics, tried and tested over thousands of years in the most extreme environments on Earth.


good for them


We source our wool directly from herding cooperatives in Mongolia to ensure a fair price no matter the market conditions. Then we manufacture in Mongolia to create jobs for locals and donate 15% of our profits to charities that are making Mongolia a better place to live.


good for the planet


Mongolia is famous for its cashmere, but cashmere goats are destructive grazers and are turning Mongolia's grasslands into desert. Yaks and camels are better for the environment; their grazing is more sustainable and can help preserve Mongolia's natural beauty.




ethical performance fabric

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Hero image courtesy of Bolatbek Gabidan