Image by Usukhbayar Gankhuyag


true mongolian fabric

Mongolia is a land of extremes. Winter temperatures dive to -50°C with wind speeds of up to 100 kph. Summers can leap to over 40°C. There are flat, dry deserts in the south, 4000-metre mountains in the west, frigid boreal forests in the north, stormy grasslands in the east.

To survive here, local animals have developed remarkable undercoat fibres to keep their body temperatures stable all year round. Nomadic Mongolians have long worn yak and camel wool, but only now are these incredible fibres starting to break out into the world market.

Our performance fabric is designed as a next-to-skin layer to keep your body temperature stable in all weather conditions. It wicks away moisture with greater efficiency than Merino wool; it's stronger and more durable than other wool fibre; it retains its shape better; it's anti-bacterial and odour-resistant; and when the weather gets cold, the fabric traps more heat and dries faster.

It's also one of the most comfortable fabrics you'll ever wear. We only use camel and yak fibres that are less than 20 microns in diameter, comparable to high-grade cashmere.

And, when you buy our fabric, 15% of the profit goes straight back to charities that are working to make Mongolia a better place to live.

So whether you're at the gym, hiking in summer or winter, or galloping across the world's wild places, our ethical, high performance fabric will help you perform at your best.