good for them, good for the planet

Everyone knows about cashmere. It's soft, it's smooth, it's breathable. And everyone knows the best cashmere comes from Mongolia.


But not everyone knows the environmental cost of Mongolia's cashmere industry. The wool comes from the winter undercoat of the cashmere goat. When these goats eat, their hooves cut into the earth and they pull grass out by the roots.

In the last thirty years, the country's goat herds have grown from 19% of total livestock numbers to 60%, producing a third of the world's cashmere.

These goats are now destroying Mongolia's grasslands.  Some experts think that if nothing is done, the country will become a desert within a decade, and nomadic families will be forced to give up their way of life and move to the city.


Yak and camels have softer hooves than goats, and they leave grass roots intact. This means the land can recover and people can sustain their livelihoods and traditions.


These animals naturally shed their undercoat after winter and it is collected by herders to be sold, creating extra income.

We source directly from herders to ensure a fair and constant price; we manufacture our fabric in Mongolia to keep added value in the country; and we donate 15% of our profits back to charities that make Mongolia a better place to live.


It's simple: our performance fabric is good for you, good for Mongolians, and good for the planet.

Images courtesy of Bolatbek Gabiden, Erdenebayar Bayansan, H. Bieser